Report from Making Connections with Big Data Workshop 15 July

Making Connections with Big Data Workshop

Date: 15 July 2014, 10.00-15.30

Host: Hull University Business School

Big Data and business analytics are becoming an increasing worry for the company board and senior executives. Have they “missed the boat”, is there any value in the data anyway, and if there is, is it relevant to their organisation.  Whilst there is much hype associated with them, most organizations struggle to develop coherent strategies, procedures and governance mechanisms to deal with Big Data. Advances in ICT have led to an exponential growth in the volume, variety, granularity and rate of generation of the data (velocity) that organizations can access. This has confronted managers with challenges and opportunities: how to harness these data and leverage them for strategic positioning and enhanced value propositions and performance (see Professor Vidgen’s blog for an introduction and commentary).

The purpose of the event is to bring together senior managers, business leaders, and practitioners and academics to identify topics in Big Data and business analytics that are of key importance to industry. The aim of the workshop is to investigate:

  1. How can organizations use Big Data and business analytics to create business value?
  2. What barriers and enablers to the exploitation of Big Data and analytics do organizations face?
  3. How can industry, the public sector and academia collaborate to address these issues?

A report from the event can be found here