Presentations from NEMinDE Update on 22 May 2014

At the end of 2012, the RCUK Digital Economy (DE) theme earmarked up to £3.5 million for a call to complement the work of the RCUK DE New Economic Models in the Digital Economy (NEMODE) Network+.
On 22 May, 2014 representatives from the successfully funded projects presented their interim reports to each each other and representatives from NEMODE at Cass Business School, City University London

NEMinDE Project Updates

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Monetize Me? Privacy and the Quantified Self in the Digital Economy  Blaine Price (PI) The Open University (Grant Details)

Delivering Digital Drugs  Dr Tony Cornford (PI) Information Systems and Innovation, Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science (Grant Details)

Bit by Bit: Capturing the value from the digital fabrication ‘revolution’  Dr Tim Minshall (PI) Institute for Maufacturing, University of Cambridge (Grant Details) Website:

Catalysing Economic Growth – Releasing the Value of Big Data  Dr Aija Leiponen (PI) Imperial College London Business School (Grant Details)

Building Better Business Models: Capturing the Transformative Potential of the Digital Economy  Prof. Charles Baden-Fuller Cass Business School, City University London (Grant Details)

Neo-demographics: Opening Developing World Markets by Using Personal Data and Collaboration  Prof. Andrew Smith (PI) Nottingham University Business School (Grant Details)

SCRIBE: Semantic Credit Risk of Business Ecosystems  Prof. Mark Lycett (PI) Brunel University (Grant Details)

Big Data, Innovations and New Business Models: Predicting Human Behaviour with Big Data  Dr Tobias Preis (PI) Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick (Grant Details)

Meaningful Consent in the Digital Economy  Prof. Monica Schraefel (PI) University of Southampton (Grant Details) Website:

VOLCROWE: Volunteer and Crowdsourcing Economics  Dr Joe Cox (PI) University of Portsmouth (Grant Details) Website:

New Economic Models and Opportunities for digital Games  Prof. Peter Cowling (PI) University of York (Grant Details) Website: