Using Enterprise Social Media for Collaboration

Using Enterprise Social Media for Collaboration: Case Study Review

By Dr Chris Archer-Brown, University of Bath

The focus of this paper is on the exploitation of social software at the enterprise level, which is made up of two parts: (1) the ability for employees to develop personal networks of colleagues (and perhaps partners or customers) using functionality that is akin to an internal
social networking site; and (2) the inclusion of social or  collaborative functions to formal knowledge management systems. In combination, and when used in an integrated fashion, these are referred to as Enterprise Social Media (ESM), which is the use of corporate social media networks within companies, or between companies and their partners and customers to facilitate internal business processes.
This then leads to the research question for this project: how are the potential benefits of ESM being realised in Knowledge Intensive Professional Services (KIPS) firms?

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Archer Brown-Using Enterprise Social Media for Collaboration Final