Case 5. Digital technologies and work intensification among professionals in the digital economy

Digital technologies and work intensification among professionals in the digital economy: a case study of television news

By Dr Valerie Antcliff, Centre for Enterprise,  Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

The study uses a single exploratory case study of a regional ITV newsroom, Newsroom X, to explore the interactions between new digital technologies and working practices. The focus of the study is the process of news production, and whether this acts to enable or limit the ‘democratising effect of technology. It is possible that time pressures, concerns about upholding professional standards across different platforms or the practicalities of producing instantaneous news content may act as a limiting factor in a technologically determined shift to a ‘democratic model’ of television news production. The study therefore adopts a social constructivist approach that places the role of human agency at the centre of any explanation of how technological change affects working practices.

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Antcliff-Case study of television news