Application and support for high-performance simulation

Application and support for high-performance simulation- Editorial introduction to Part 1 of the special issue of Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International

By Navonil Mustafee (University of Exeter, UK) and Simon J E Taylor (Brunel University, UK)

This special issue is divided into two parts. This first part focuses on research pertaining to high-performance simulation that supports a range of applications, including the study of epidemics, social networks, urban mobility and real-time embedded and cyber-physical systems. Compared to other simulation techniques, agent-based modeling and simulation (M&S) is relatively new; however, it is increasingly being used to study large-scale problems. Agent-based simulations present challenges for high-performance simulation, as they can be complex and computationally demanding, and it is therefore not surprising that this special issue includes several articles on the high-performance simulation of such systems.

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