Why NEMODE matters

The work that NEMODE does is timely and topical.
The ‘Big 4’ tech giants – Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon – are competing to become the single biggest provider of digital services. In business services there is intense competition between IBM, SAP and Oracle to provide ‘knowledge solutions’ and in Public Sector there are the challenges of assisted living, privatisation of education and healthcare and the Big Society agenda.

What NEMODE will deliver
• A virtual centre of excellence for the field to inform the development of policy.
• An increase in public awareness which would help stimulate new business opportunities.
• The establishment of an internationally leading community of scholars and major whose research interest is in new economic models and their relationship to the digital economy (DE).

This community will engage in multiple forms of interaction and produce regular high-profile media outputs as well as leading international research. It will produce evidence-based knowledge to address the following big questions:

What are the new economic models and in what contexts are different models appropriate?
What are the barriers to the development of these models and how can they be overcome?
How can businesses take advantage of the new opportunities emerging from the Digital Economy?

NEMODE’s Activities
NEMODE’s activities are expected to widely benefit all the communities involved, and to help them to take forward and exploit the outcomes of the research and training investments already made through the DE theme. In the coming months, the NEMODE Network+ will engage with its relevant communities through various activities that include:

1. Pro-active networking activities (workshops, meetings and interactive fora) that reach out to all areas within the RCUK DE portfolio and allied areas. The Network+ will make and maintain links with industry and users, including the third sector, and use this opportunity to establish global leadership in research in New Economic Models.
2. Horizon scanning – identifying and prioritising the research and societal challenges in New Economic Models and develop future “Grand” challenges in the DE area, and generating various reports and other outputs; e.g. working with government departments to help inform and influence policy.
3. Placements/secondments for students and research fellows in commercial and government organisations. A big feature of each Network+, this will encourage ideas generation and knowledge exchange between users and the knowledge base.
4. Support for ‘scoping study funds’ for prioritised activities to help create higher quality research grant proposals.