Report on NEMODE Crypto Currencies Workshops. Glenn Parry, Richard Adams (University of the West of England). April 2016. Summary

Business modelling and technology leverage for value creation in the food bank sector – Phase One Report. Giles Hindle (Hull University Business School), Richard Vidgen (Hull University Business School), Andy Hamflett (AAM Associates) and Gavin Betts (Hull University Business School).

Business analytics development in the food bank sector – Phase Two Report. Richard Vidgen (Hull University Business School), Andy Hamflett (AAM Associates), Giles Hindle (Hull University Business School), Simon Raper (Coppelia), Simeon Duckworth.

The networked record industry: How blockchain technology could transform the consumption and monetisation of recorded music. Marcus O’Dair, (Middlesex University)

Ecosystem accountability and performance management. Chris Ford (Lancaster University Management School)

Developing Valuable Capabilities for the Biosciences Digitalising Economy: The Incubation Activity Grid. Martin Friesl (Lancaster University Management School)

New Economic Models for, and from, Co-Working. Nick Clifton, Tom Crick and Anita Fuzi (Cardiff Metropolitan University).

The Business Models and Economics of Peer-to-Peer Lending. Alistair Milne (School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University) and Paul Parboteeah (Prosperity 24.7)

Creating Data Templates for Economic Model Innovation: The JOSEPHS’ Lab Study. Andy Neely and Veronica Martinez (Cambridge University)

Managing Digitally Mediated Business Model Development at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst. Katy Mason (Lancaster University Management School)
Video report available here

Missing in Action: Women and Digital Enterprise in the UK: 17 Dec 2015. Funder’s Report – NEMODE. Dr Angela Dy (Loughborough University). Report; Storify; Facebook; Press release

Josephine Goube, co-managing director, Girls in Tech Blog;

Harriet Mupungu, aspiring digital entrepreneur Blog;

Heloise De Nantes, former Yahoo employee and aspiring digital entrepreneur Blog;

The Imperative for Business Model Innovation: A Research and Practice Perspective, Chander Velu (Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge), Andi Smart (University of Exeter Business School), Mark Phillips (Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge). Paper

Digitisation and Decision Making in the Boardroom, Sally Dibb, Maureen Meadows, David Wilson (Open University Business School). Paper

Shakespeare in the Digital Economy, Dr Nick K. T. Yip (Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia). Paper,
Video report

New Business Strategies and the Reinforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Economy: The Case of the Online Digital Marketplace for Music, Dr Allan Watson (Staffordshire University) Paper,
Video report

AnVIM: a methodology for creating business value with business analytics, Giles Hindle and Richard Vidgen. (Euro 2015 Conference, Glasgow. Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining OR Strategy and Analytics). Abstract,
powerpoint presentation

Collaborative, co-operative and collective business models in the ‘new’ music industries: a literature review, Marcus O’Dair (Middlesex University) (powerpoint presentation)

Developer strategies in smartphone application markets, Dmitry Sharapov (Imperial College Business School)

Summary Report on Conference Special Session on Business Model Innovation and Disruptive Technologies at 9th KES International Conference on Agent and Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Applications Sorrento, Italy, June 2015. Chen-Burger, J. (Heriot Watt University) and Adams, R. (University of Surrey) (2015). 

Social media for government crowdsourcing: An exploratory study of challenges and opportunities. Panagiotopoulos, P. and F. Bowen (2015), Queen Mary University of London

Conceptualising the digital public in government crowdsourcing: social media and the imagined audience. Panagiotopoulos, P. and F. Bowen (2015), Queen Mary University of London

Understanding the value of social media monitoring and visualisation tools for government crowdsourcing. Study report for NEMODE pilot project. Panagiotopoulos, P. and F. Bowen (2015), Queen Mary University of London

Platform competition: a game theoretic review. Salazar, A. J. and R. Lee (2014).

Designing Privacy In: Setting the Research Agenda. Kirstie Ball (Open University), William Webster (University of Stirling), and Charles Raab (University of Edinburgh): Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy

The construction of open government data: decisions points and discriminatory potential Timothy Davies (University of Southampton / World Wide Web Foundation)

Bitcoin Risk Analysis  Mariam Kiran (University of Bradford) and Mike Stannett (University of Sheffield)

Data-Driven Business Models: Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data  Monica Bulger, Greg Taylor, Ralph Schroeder, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Presentation on Capturing Value from Big Data through Data-Driven Business Models   Philipp Hartmann, Dr Mohamed Zaki and Prof Duncan McFarlane, Cambridge Service Alliance, University of Cambridge

A review of literature in distributed supply chain simulation  Mustafee, N., Katsaliaki, K. & Taylor, S.J.E. To be presented at the 2014 IEEE Winter Simulation Conference, (December 2014, Savannah, GA)

Creating business value from Big Data and business analytics: organizational, managerial and human resource implications  Prof Richard Vidgen, Hull University Business School (HUBS)

Presentations from NEMinDE Update on 22 May 2014

Tracking biodata: sharing and ownership  Dr Aristea Fotopoulou, University of Sussex Placement at Science & Justice Research Center, University of California, Santa Cruz

Social Media Strategies in Small Businesses Dr Jackie Carter, Centre for Enterprise, Manchester Metropolitan University

Using Enterprise Social Media for Collaboration: Case Study Review By Dr Chris Archer-Brown, University of Bath

Gary Graham Secondment to MIT: Future Cityscape Models Gary Graham, University of Leeds

Gamification In The Events Industry Workshop Richard Adams, University of Exeter,  Kiran Jude Fernandes, Durham University, and Colette Leong-son, Informa

New business models and the value of open data Carla M Bonina, London School of Economics and Political Science

Near Field Communications: An analysis for developing a sustainable business ecosystem Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood, London School of Economics and Political Science

Mobile Service Platforms and the Apps Economy Patrik Karrberg, London School of Economics

Digitally-enabled network intermediation in the internationalization of SMEs: A dynamic capabilities perspective Alessandro Giudici (PI) and Robert Blackburn,  Small Business Research Centre (SBRC), Kingston Business School, Kingston University

Application and support for high-performance simulation Navonil Mustafee, University of Exeter and Simon J E Taylor, Brunel University

High-performance simulation and simulation methodologies Navonil Mustafee, University of Exeter, and Simon J E Taylor, Brunel University

Towards Cooperative Simulation-aided Decision making in the Digital Age Korina Katsaliaki, International Hellenic University, School of Economics & Business Administration, Greece and Navonil Mustafee, University of Exeter

Mogees- NEMODE Dragon’s Den 2012 Winner- Where are they now? NEMODE Update

Report on UK – India Social Media Research Workshop 5/6 Feb 2014  Richard Adams, University of Exeter

Case Studies

Case 1. New Business Models Enabled by Digital Technologies Luciano Batista, University of East Anglia, Norwich Business School, UK

Case 2. New Economic Models for Regional News François Nel, University of Central Lancashire

Case 3. Digital Economic Model Innovation in the Publishing Industry: shifting the business model, or the ecosystem? David Wong and Benjamin Reid, Big Innovation Centre

Case 4. Business Models in Electric Vehicle Ecosystems Claire Weiller, Cambridge Service Alliance, University of Cambridge

Case 5. Digital technologies and work intensification among professionals in the digital economy: a case study of television news Valerie Antcliff, Centre for Enterprise,  Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

Case 6. Practical Realities of Agile Transformation Alan Brown, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey