Creating Data Templates for Economic Model Innovation: The JOSEPHS’ Lab Study

Prof. Andy Neely, Dr. Veronica Martinez: University of Cambridge



The objectives of this research study the data management requirements to enhance innovation by: First, to investigate how data created in living labs (LL) can best managed and used to guide, enhance co-creation of ideas to support new business and economic models. Second, to defined the establishment of a data management requirements (DMR) template as a template. This template is to be designed as a tool to support decision-making about new business and economic models. Third, the findings from this study may derive guidelines for future research to develop a research agenda for data-driven open innovation and, provide advice to support for managerial decision-making, i.e. providing companies with data-driven mechanisms to improve their innovativeness.

These research objectives are set up to:

  • Fill the gap in the open innovation literature and practice by developing a DMR template and key characteristics for open innovation.
  • Design the DMR template using the already established performance measurement process framework (Neely et al., 2000; Bourne et al., 2000). Clustering data around the design, use and management.
  • Demonstrate a comparative approach through four company-cases at JOSEPHS

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