NEMinDE Updates and VOLCROWE Workshop on Volunteering and Altruism in the Digital Economy (April 22, 2015)

Venue: St. Catherine’s College (University of Oxford), Mary Sunley Suite, Manor Road, Oxford, OX1 3UJ

In addition to the regular annual meeting of NEMODE (NEMinDE) grant teams in the morning, the afternoon workshop on volunteering aimed to bring together academics, researchers and other interested parties to share ideas, evidence and policy relevance of research into volunteering and altruism and the impact of the digital revolution on these processes.

Opening address: Paul Hide (techUK) Video of the presentation Presentation Slides

NEMODE – NEMinDE project updates
VOLCROWE VOLCROWE Project Update Presentation
The Business Model Zoo ( Business Model Zoo Update Presentation
The Hub-of-All Things (HAT) Project (

More details will be added as and when they are provided by the presenters.

The afternoon’s VOLCROWE Workshop covered the following topics:
The need for new economic models: Non-profit organisations in the digital economy
Key contributions by:
• Alice Casey (NESTA)
• Leslie Harris (Cancer Research UK)
• Kate Eggleshaw (Just Giving – YIMBY)
• Chris Lintott (Zooniverse)

Developing new economic models: Research into volunteering and altruism in the digital economy
Key contributions by:
• Anita Greenhill and Karen Masters (Universities of Manchester and Portsmouth – VOLCROWE)
• Giles Hindle (University of Hull – NEMODE Food Banks Pilot Study)
• Ian Tucker (University of East London – CCN+)
• Jose Christian (University of Brighton – CENTRIM)