NEMODE Network+ at 2014 IEEE Winter Simulation Conference

“A review of literature in distributed supply chain simulation”, paper accepted for the 2014 IEEE Winter Simulation Conference, (December 2014, Savannah, GA):


M&S is a decision support technique that enables stakeholders to make better and more informed decisions; application of this to supply chains is referred to as supply chain simulation. The increasingly interconnected enterprise of the digital age benefit from cooperative decision making through the utilization of existing technological foundations, standards and tools (e.g., computer networks, data sharing standards, tools for collaborative working). Distributed Supply Chain Simulation (DSCS) facilitates such collective decision making by enabling simulation models of individual business processes/organizations to execute cooperatively over a computer network. The aim of this research is to identifying the advances in DSCS and its present state of play. Towards realization of this aim we present a methodological review of literature and complement this with our domain-specific knowledge in supply chains and parallel and distributed simulation.

Mustafee, N., Katsaliaki, K. & Taylor, S.J.E. (Forthcoming, 2014). A review of literature in distributed supply chain simulation. In: Tolk, A., Diallo, S. Y., Ryzhov, I. O., Yilmaz, L., Buckley, S. & Miller, J. A. (eds.) Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference. Savannah, GA.

Available from IEEE Explorer in 2015.