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Connecting the brightest minds…

NEMODE is an RCUK-funded ‘Network-Plus’ connecting top-level research with trail-blazing digital technology firms. We are bringing together the brightest and most innovative minds to inform academic research and public policy, to give support to innovative businesses in digital technologies.
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Products and services that bring together groups of users in two-sided networks are frequently termed platforms. They provide infrastructure and rules that facilitate the two groups’ transactions and can take many guises.

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New Economic models in the DE

Teece and Baden-Fuller define a business model as how organisations create and capture value. We know a considerable amount about creating value (though organisational design research) but much less about how we capture value (value that includes social and cultural capital as well as economic).

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Research Funding

One of the main objectives of NEMODE is the promotion of research related to the Digital Economy, in order to do so NEMODE periodically releases calls for research

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Data-driven Business Models

We live in an era of big data – often characterized in terms of the 3Vs – volume, velocity and variety. Three simple examples illustrate the phenomenon. Volume - Tesco has data on the shopping habits of 15 million customers going back 20 years. Velocity - Twitter receives around 12 terabytes of tweets every day. Variety - over 200 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each and every day.

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